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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Points of Questions and Contentions Regarding The Harry Reid - Bureau of Land Management - ENN Energy Connection, and Reid Calling U.S. Citizens Within The Law As Domestic Terrorists (As If To Justify U.S. Citizen Assassinations By Predator Drones, etc.)

INFOWARS Opens The Following Video With A Banking Connection To Foreign Policy In Iran, Followed By Harry Reid's Domestic Terrorist Labeling, Which Is A Smear Tactic To Cover His Own Criminal Conspiracy In The  Federal Bureau of Land Management Land Grab For The Nation Of China In The U.S. State of Nevada.  The Banking Aspect Involved In The Reid - Bureau of Land Management - ENN  Conspiracy Has Yet To Be Addressed  And Uncovered.


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Further, as of April 15, 2014, it was discovered that either Google or some Federal entity both, have conspired to remove the Harry Reid Bureau of Land Management criminal conspiracy connection from the Google cache of documents.  Like Newspeak, Harry Reid and other Law BREAKERS in the Federal Government operate under the premise that what was reality is no longer reality if one can just scrub-a-dub-dub the Internet cache; and voila, all those felonies will somehow magically never pursue them into a Court of Law.  Or so that is how they act as if this is what they are thinking.


Illustration / Photo Credit: Infowars

Then, we have at issue, a legal contention that the Bureau of Land Management violated   43 United States Code Section 1733(c) in usurping the role and authority of Peace Officer local enforcement of laws and regulations.  

In other words, it was in some ways as if the Federal Government sent in a several companies of Army soldiers to do the job of the local Sheriff, and presumed that they, in this case the Bureau of Land Management(BLM), had the authority to violate the Law (43 U.S.C. Section 1733(c)) and militarily seize, redistribute for the personal gain of cost offsets of the operation, or destroy at random cattle and water pipes and water storage equipment as if lawless vandals under a verbal "never prosecute"  ordinance issued under "color of authority" at the White House.

The claim at first was to protect a desert turtle that the Bureau of Land Management frequently and intentionally were themselves "killing off" in the many hundreds.  So the complaint that a Bundy steer might have killed a single desert turtle and been justification to seize the steer, vandalize his property, and act under "color of authority" had absolutely NO moral or legal justification to it, as INFOWARS showed in their news article.   http://www.infowars.com/before-nevada-cattle-rancher-dispute-blm-was-euthanizing-endangered-desert-tortoise/

The gist of the  43 U.S. Code Section 1733 (c), is that the local Sheriff  and perhaps even Highway Patrol support should have been contracted with as many as perhaps 40 cars and other vehicles to role in with a judge's signed court order in hand (by the Sheriff who would be on site also) and arrest the first 50 to 80  people on site they believed in violation, whether the public carried firearms or not.  It is not for the Bureau of Land Management to play illegal enforcement a**holes for the foreign Chinese Government in a power land grab of United States Citizens while violating the rights of such citizens of their First Amendment and other rights.  

Who is the one acting illegally?  The guy acting under color of authority who unprovoked uses Level 4 use of force and beats down a 57 year old small and almost frail unarmed woman from behind as if it was something of stimulation for him like Viagra.   The ones (plural) also acting illegaly were  those officers that created a pig-pen miles from the Bundy Ranch and said that this is the only place for the next 20 miles that protestors in behalf of Cliven Bundy had any constitutional First Amendment Rights, and inferred that even this pig pen was tentative until such a time as these same Federal Officers acting under color of authority  would come and take it away from you there also.  And no, they weren't just kidding ... they actually believed and meant what they said.   

 To which we should respond and lecture them this citation,

 Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966) @ 491

"Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved,
 there can be no rulemaking or legislation which would abrogate them."

 Or how about the snipers who got off on training their scopes on anyone who pulled over to a road shoulder and took pictures of the open local landscape, and then tasered and arrested the son of Cliven Bundy because he potentially was capturing a Bureau of Land Management cattle-rustling operation of his father's cattle?   Clearly, those who confronted and tasered someone for pulling over to the shoulder of a road and taking pictures of a criminal act is the victim of those in criminal conspiracy with those committing felony theft, not being granted a Court Order to seize such assets, nor for another BLM officer to randomly (and with glee) kill 2 Bundy owned prize bulls by gunshot, among others
and labeled it as their "euthanizing" the 2 bulls.

Under the Law, each Bureau of Land Management Officer and each local official hired by them in exceeding their authority, are subject to being sued and stripped of any protection they might claim that they "were acting under orders."

Meanwhile, Senator Harry Reid uses language that declares anyone who is a Constitutionalist and demands that HE (United States Senator Harold Reid) abide by both the Constitution and the same United States Code as we do, that we peon / peasant / common citizens are somehow a greater threat than Al Qaeda, "are Domestic Terrorists" 

and insinuates that we are NOW subject to Congressionally sanctioned Predator Drone Strikes and Congressionally sanctioned U.S. Military Assassination on United States Soil?  

Let me ask this, was the former attack on January 4, 2010, in a Federal Building which houses the offices of Harry Reid 

related to his, Harry Reid's,  criminal corruption in doing harm to one of his own constituents related to this criminal conspiracy of Harry Reid with the Chinese Government over that U.S. Citizen?  I do not advocate violence here...I am just asking the question "is the ENN Energy - BLM - Harry Reid Land Grab related to the January 4, 2010 incident"?

 I think we deserve a truthful answer on what the Media has since refused to revisit, and instead, cover up and refuse to ask the question...was it an unsuccessful attack on the offices of Harry Reid, and if so, why?

If the Corrupt Media and Corrupt Elected Officials want to elicit a real-life terror scenario rather than manufacture one from their lies that they themselves knowingly do not believe in, why cover up that example, unless there was a direct criminal connection that would kick Harry Reid out of the United States Senate and send him to Court as he goes bankrupt hiring lawyers fighting off spending the rest of his life in a maximum security prison in isolation (for his own safety from "General Population" there)?

One current narrative that we have about Harry Reid and his son Rory with ENN Energy, is that they allegedly recruited ENN in a Harry Reid trip to China in 2011.  

However, the Washington Free Beacon uncovered that Harry Reid and his son Rory were in secret negotiations with ENN for 2 years, beginning in 2009
which precedes the attack on the Federal Building by the gunman on January 4, 2010, and suggests the incidents are indeed related.   Land prices were negotiated to be sold to ENN at less than  fair market value and allegedly agreed to with ENN Energy in December of 2011, 

" According to [Janet] Barela  [executive director of the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Laughlin Town Advisory Board] 
 ENN Group expressed an interest in Laughlin more than two years ago, beginning discussions with Clark County and NV Energy. Those discussions set the groundwork, and then a trip by a delegation of United States senators to ENN Solar's headquarters in Langfang, China, in April accelerated the matter. Nevada Sen. Harry Reid was part of that delegation....

 The next step ...
 The county can, under Nevada Revised Statute 244.2815, adopt a resolution deeming the project to be “in the best interest of the public,” which would allow the sale or lease of county land for the purpose of economic development without offering it for bid to the general public. It also could allow the county to make that sales agreement for less than fair-market value - which could be as high as $45 million based on a price of $10,000 per acre.

Barela  said there is at least one more hurdle for the proposal to clear - a covenant with the Bureau of Land Management over use of the land that was transferred from the BLM to Clark County.

“There's still a BLM covenant on the land,” Barela said, adding that the covenant was part of a “1966 land-use plan. At that time, solar (energy production) wasn't on anybody's chart.”

She said Reid and his staff are involved in trying to secure a federal waiver for that land-use covenant."

"ENN and Clark County entered into a purchase agreement for the property in December 2011, contingent upon the Chinese-based solar cell manufacturing firm returning to the county within 18 months with commitments from three utility companies to purchase power generated at the facility."

so 2 years prior means December of 2009, which fits the timeline for the incident at the Federal Building where Harry Reid kept his offices.  Then there is the complication of who owns what, especially the lands that are claimed by the Bureau of Land Management as transferred to Clark County, but they now want back so they can get their "cut" of the $45,000,000 land sale in Clark County for lands they gave up?  What's that all about?     

And get this, while the Law Firm of Lionel, Sawyer and Collins, (Nevada's largest law firm),  where Rory Reid works practicing "Gaming and Regulatory Law", http://www.lionelsawyer.com/index.cfm?page_id=5

just "happens" to represent the Chinese Government's ENN 

Energy, while Harry Reid's own Senior Political Advisor,

right out of the gate of his being appointed Head of the 

Bureau of Land Management THIS MONTH,

in his first major act upon his April 8th confirmation by the U.S. Senate, went right for the throat of the Bundy family on behalf of Rory and Rory’s father, Senator Harry Reid by ordering over 200 armed agents with cocky provocateurs itching to shoot down U.S. Citizens as if in a living video game.  So, from the standpoint of Senator Harry Reid, you successfully appoint YOUR guy as head of the BLM, and his first assignment is to deliver the head of Cliven Bundy to you on a platter like he was John the Baptist being offered up to Herod for viewing?  And you then call legal and peaceful citizens "domestic terrorists" who should be assassinated by drone strikes and what have you, while you embrace Al Qaeda and the real terrorists we are supposed to be at war with?  

It would be far better if the corrupt Feds like Harry Reid and the illegal occupant of the U.S. Presidency who can't even vote for himself under a single name identity (as Indonesian Citizen Barry Soetoro residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, voted for himself as Barack Obama in the 2012 election...did he also vote for himself as Barack Obama for Barack Obama by absentee vote?  Possibly.)  would stop the violent "we have the option to predator drone strike kill you, and you will never see it coming" rhetoric, and that instead we could debate this before the U.S. Supreme Court and cite Bureau of Land Management Violations and illegal threats by Harry Reid, the prostituted and unethical Senator from Nevada who sold out to the Chinese Government and its Chinese state run ENN Energy, beginning our opening with cases like   

Poindexter v. Greenhow, 114 U.S. 270 (1885)  @ 290

"...the maxim that the King can do no wrong has no place in our system of government, yet it is also true, in respect to the state itself, that whatever wrong is attempted in its name is imputable to its government, and not to the state, for, as it can speak and act only by law, whatever it does say and do must be lawful. That which therefore is unlawful because made so by the supreme law, the Constitution of the United States, is not the word or deed of the state, but is the mere wrong and trespass of those individual persons who falsely speak and act in its name. " 

Ex parte Young, 209 U.S. 123 (1908) 159 - 160
 The act to be enforced is alleged to be unconstitutional, and, if it be so...it is simply an illegal act upon the part of a State official in attempting, by the use of the name of the State, to enforce a legislative enactment which is void because unconstitutional. If the act which the state [official] ...seeks to enforce be a violation of the Federal Constitution, the officer, in proceeding under such enactment, comes into conflict with the superior authority of that Constitution, and he is, in that case, stripped of his official or representative character, and is subjected in his person to the consequences of his individual conduct. The State has no power to impart to him any immunity from responsibility to the supreme authority of the United States. See In re Ayers, supra, p. 123 U. S. 507.

And just why are high level Democrats seeking to destroy endangered species themselves, and profit by their destruction, while blaming totally innocent victims as they break the law and commit acts of tyranny?  

Even U.S. District Court Judge Robert C. Jones has gone on record that the Bureau of Land Management has engaged in a Criminal Conspiracy against the ranchers exercising their grazing rights with the State of Nevada, of which Cliven Bundy was one of these being referred to. 

And as if this were not enough, the Environmental Protection Agency now wants to subsume all rights to every drop of water that falls on the United States beginning with streams, creeks, and rivers, temporary / seasonal  or permanant,  and all lands appertaining to

and then work its way back to any lands having water run-off, so that in one ruling, private property land ownership is nullified.  The goal then, under their proposal, is that because of water runoff, everything in the United States then becomes the exclusive property of the E.P.A., and in just one day the E.P.A. becomes the new most powerful office in the United States Federal Government, relegating the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch into obscurity, if the megalo-maniacs at the Environmental Protection Agency have their way.  These Leftists are not only power-hungry, they must be doing some serious drugs to delusionally think stripping citizens and Corporations of all land ownership is something that can remotely be gotten away with.  

But if Harry Reid and Obama and others wish to literally be domestic agents of hostile foreign Governments and engage in a literal war on peaceful law-abiding United States Citizens, and themselves break the Law while oppressing the domestic U.S. Citizens, and then lie about it... then it is what it is. 

Fortunately, 9 Western States are uniting in unison in bringing together both lawmakers and various county commissioners to see what they can do as States to retain jurisdiction over States Rights and wrest away certain lands seized by the Federal Government that should be under their individual State or localized control, rather than a Federal Government just land-grabbing everything in sight  that it thinks it can get away with by intimidation and / or by force.     http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/politics/57836973-90/utah-lands-lawmakers-federal.html.csp

If successful in wresting power and rights back to the States and its citizens, this can be a much welcome legal and peaceful release valve on the ever growing righteous public indignation over the ever growing intensity and frequency of illegal (sometimes violent on the part of unprovoked Federal Officers) intimidation tactics and violent provacateur rhetoric by various Treasonous Democrats (whether in Media or in elected office)  and the illegally elected Obama and thereby --  through his poisoned unconstitutional election NOT being a United States Natural Born Citizen and his  anti-Constitutional and illegal Congressional authorization as fruit of the poisonous tree  (Huntington v. Worthen, 120 U.S. 97 (1887) @101-102,  Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425 (1886) @442,  Ex parte Siebold, 100 U.S. 371 (1879) @376 -377,    Almeida-Sanchez v. United States, 413 U.S. 266 (1973) @ 272, Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803)@ 180)  --  the hence illegally ensconced Obama Administration.

If there is to be a Civil War, it will be one launched by enemies of the United States from within the White House and Congress first, (this includes false flag operations they would launch on themselves), and will be well supported in the Media whose loyalties are wittingly or unwittingly internally drive them to be the domestic enemies of We The People, and are ever (even currently) condoning, excusing,  and cheering tyrannical oppression by the various Obama Administration or fellow Democrat labeled  delusional Communists and hardcore Socialists (some of whom are very likely to be moles placed or helped to be placed by foreign hostile powers).  

 May this all have a legal and peaceful (that means non-violent Court of Law or otherwise resolved ) resolution.  

And may I say, that a very good first step is to have Senator Reid either resign or get kicked out of the Senate with no pension, and a Special Prosecutor to investigate and charge him for his criminal acts committed while a United States Senator, especially from 2008 to present.  
That's my input.  -- Brianroy


 Photo  credit: Phil Burns


A (fictional J Wayne  - Western) movie from 1936 that begins with an 1870 "Right of Discovery" concept.  Although it varies somewhat with the later grazing rights contracts individual land owners would have with the State they were in, toward the end of the movie the concept of "public domain" seems to indicate that all land owners have legal right to free access to area resources; which definition is the contention of the Bundy family, and consistent with original intent of settlement and the area of contract they had with Nevada and State rights.

[[[Updated 6:45 a.m. Pacific 04/20/2014  for light editing: 2 minor factual corrections, change font color for readability,  lightly added material with hyper-links, and a couple spelling error corrections. ]]]    

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