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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Few Things Of Concern In August 2013

 It seems that more and more we are a nation relying on a collection of selective news by grass-roots Conservatives and Independents, and certain others in order to sort through what the mainstream corporate media wishes to only reference in a passing sound-bite or to take the talking points of the nefariously corrupt to use against us to dissuade "We The People" from altering the corruption and financial gravy train they grow fat as parasites, like giant ticks upon.  To that aim, I share with you a few Youtube videos that you may or may not have seen, that I thought would be of interest.

From:    August 17, 2013
The Government secretly spies on EVERYTHING that you do


I have posted on JTF.ORG's forums, and shared on the illegitimacy of Obama at http://jtf.org/forum/index.php/topic,65872.0.html

From: August 14, 2013

Valerie Jarrett's Stand Down Order

Western Journalism Reports that while Obama was ignoring Ben Ghazi's cries for help, his closest adviser Valerie Jarrett may have taken it upon herself to issue the "stand-down" order to the Special Forces herself, and Barack couldn't care less that she did and that U.S. Patriot Citizens died because of it.  In turn, Conservative Report is cited:



Western Journalism states
"We  know that an email was sent at 6:07 p.m. Washington time to the White  House Situation Room stating that the al-Qaeda-linked group Ansar  al-Sharia was taking credit for the attack.
Shortly after this  Ansar al-Sharia email came in, and some time before the CIA Annex came  under attack, the stand down order was given. It is presumed that Valerie  Jarrett gave the stand down order in order to protect Obama from a  Jimmy Carter-like military debacle in the event the rescue effort turned  out to be a failure.

Keep in mind that a stand down order can  only be authorized by the President of the United States. Neither the  Secretary of Defense,Leon Panetta,or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of  Staff, General Martin Dempsey (also present in the White House Situation  Room),were authorized to give this stand down order.

As revealed in Congressional testimony by Gregory Hicks (the  State Department’s deputy chief of mission in Libya),a stand down order  was definitely given,exemplified by the debacle involving Lt. Colonel  Gibson,who remains hidden by the Obama administration to this day.
Special Operations Command Africa commander Lt. Colonel Gibson put together a rescue team; but as they were about to board a C-130 from Tripoli to Benghazi,  Gibson got a phone call from AFRICOM headquarters demanding that his team stand down.

Additionally,fighter  jet groups based in Europe and on aircraft carriers,along with  thousands of soldiers and special forces in nearby bases in Europe,were  never dispatched. It appears a blanket stand down order was given to the  entire European and Africa commands.

If Obama disappeared for  eight hours and let an unelected, unqualified underling—Valerie  Jarrett—give the stand down order and let Americans get slaughtered, that  is treason. Or if Obama himself gave the stand down order,that is also  treason.

Either way, treason was committed; and impeachment of Barack Obama must begin immediately."


Obama’s “Body Man” Reveals Obama Too Scared To Watch SEAL Team 6 Take Out Osama Bin Laden, And Played 15 Games Of Spades.
      Reggie Love was a close staffer to Obama at the time of the Osama Bin Laden raid, and is called by the Mainstream Corporate Media and Democrats as a “body man” to Obama, which is negatively suggestive considering that Newsweek calls Obama the first homosexual president.  He was interviewed and let slip that Obama (after being dragged from the golf course, refusing to order Osama Bin Laden killed, was forced to the White House by the military anyway, when Panetta signed off the mission,
and then afterwards Obama lies about giving the order. etc.) http://brianroysinput.blogspot.com/2012/10/libya-contention-that-should-have.html
refusing to stay for more than a required several photos, Obama left the situation room to play cards for 15 hands while the adults in the situation room went about watching SEAL Team 6 take out Osama Bin Laden.



@ 7:52 on the video interview retained by WND, Reggie Love lets slips that Barack "comes from Ke-nya" in regard to discussing his birth certificate. 

 The slip appears to be to the effect that confirms one theory that Obama was imported into Hawaii on August 4, 1961 (after his January birth in Kenya, a date he gave publicly in Nicaragua and the News Media blew off as a gaffe), and it is for this reason the Obama Administration stole and destroyed the specific records of all International in-bounds into Hawaii for the time period of August 1 - August 10 of 1961, (as discovered by the Cold Case Posse Investigation), because it showed that Stanley Ann Dunham imported baby Barack on one such flight, probably on August 4, 1961, which was then declared as Obama's birthday to the Registrar by the grandparents, giving Ann and Barack Sr. a residence address at which they NEVER lived at some 5 and 7 miles away from where they respectively lived separately from one another, even after they were married


[[[[[Update 8/20/2013: 
Just a point of contention on Reggie stating that he remembers how that Obama came in and said he “found” his birth certificate after it had been lost.  1) Obama found, as if it were in a box somewhere.  2) This assumes that there is NO Birth Certificate on file in Hawaii and that the item was entirely absent – missing – non-existent otherwise, as we already know was the case in January 2011.
3) There is NO mention or assumption that Obama ever sent for his alleged MISSING from the vault certificate by means of the Legal Firm of Perkins Coie, or that it might in any way have been fetched and delivered by Judith Corley of Perkins Coie as the Obama Administration falsely claimed at the time of its release. 

The White House allegedly writes to
Loretta J. Fuddy, A.C.S.W., M.P.H.
Director of Health
State of Hawaii
Dept. of Health
1250 Punchbowl Street, Room 325
Honolulu, HI 96813

And authorizes Ms. Judith Corley of Perkins Coie of Washington D.C., to act as Counsel to receive the documents.

Loretta J. Fuddy approves copy request and certifies authenticity

The document Obama waved at Reggie is a complete fabrication, manufactured on a computer from start to finish.  And what’s more, a year after the alleged release, CNN went back to Hawaii to do a story on the alleged document and did a story with Dr. Chiyome Fukino who verified the long form birth document CNN would show the public for 3 seconds (From circa 1:20 – 1:23 on the video, view it at highest resolution of 480 on the full screen )was Obama’s.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t even remotely close, and the producers took a chance that 3 second clip would NOT be read by the American people, as if no one would bother to check it out in slow motion replay or freeze-frame the controversial fraud document.  I posted the relevant opening of that propaganda hit job on Youtube.   
CNN uses Japanese American Birth Microfilm and Presents it as Obama's

Published on Jun 7, 2012
CNN intentionally deceives its viewers and presents Keith Suganuma's April 1960 birth certificate as Obama's. The video snippet shows in context that CNN presents the child of a 42 year old Japanese American police officer and his 20 year old wife's child's birth certificate as if it were Barack Obama's. This kind of blatant fraud is what Constitutionalists (aka. birthers) have to contend with in regards to those who are blind to facts and law regarding Obama's ineligibility. The Media fabricates for him without shame.
Pamela Barnett linked up still shots at:
So the idea that Obama had to “find” something his lawyers allegedly delivered and never did, that was missing for months or always missing (while people lied for him saying it wasn’t missing, when it was never there in the first place)…and since Reggie admits Obama was from Kenya, which presumes that when Obama wanted to slam down a known fraud to even his inner circle before the public and it being called a “bad idea” was because they all knew it was and is a fraud, that even the Government of Kenya and a U.S. Ambassador had already officially refuted as remotely being possible by celebrating “President Obama’s birth” in Kenya.

As I covered the issue elsewhere,
In 1991, Obama wrote his own auto-biography for Book Publishers Acton & Dysel.  The releases about this discovery were in May of 2012 --
-- but instead of being picked up and used by the Republican Party, or the majority of the Media, the story lay virtually dormant outside a variety of Conservative bloggers and Conservative alternative news sites

Breitbart reporter Joel B. Pollak, at the above link,  states:
The booklet, which is thirty-six pages long, is printed in blue ink (and, on the cover, silver/grey ink), using offset lithography. It purports to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Acton & Dystel, which was founded in 1976.

 And according to the Wayback Machine, the archives of the Internet, would the Mainstream Media really be serious that we should believe that  Acton &  Dystel remained uncorrected by Obama for 16 years in promoting their client as born in Kenya, including over a month after he announced running for the United States Presidency?

On the pictorial, where Obama's face and brief auto-bio appears, followed by Mark Olshaker, and Thomas P. O'Neill, the wording submitted as written personally by Barack Hussein Obama, reads:
"Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii."

The Wayback Machine listed the Obama auto-biography as still posted by Acton & Dystel at least as of:
19:00:01 Apr 3, 2007

In the Client list, the Obama biography reads:
BARACK OBAMA is the junior Democratic senator from Illinois and was the dynamic keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He was also the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He was born in Kenya to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister and was raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago. His first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE, has been a long time New York Times bestseller.

 As with any other Literary Agency, and this is Industry Standard,  the biography was to be submitted personally by the author to the Literary Agency with a sample of the book he wanted to promote, and an explanation of what it was about, the audience he wanted to reach, etc.

 These Agencies have no time nor inclination to manufacture biographies for first time authors with them (like Barack's in 1991), and for others to suggest the Literary Agency manufactured Obama's biography is ludicrous and contrary to Acton & Dystel policy at the time, which was maintained on up that same way to May 2012 with the same company now run as Dystel.

After Obama was already in the U.S. Presidency as a Foreign Usurper and putative United States President, he sent U.S. Ambassador to Kenya to officially recognize the place of his birth as being that of Kenya.   In 2009, the nation of Kenya dedicated what amounts to a national shrine in Kogelo, Kenya  to what they call "the birthplace of President Barack Obama"  (NOT that of his late father's, but that of President Barack Obama)?

http://www.wnd.com/files/110525nsisbulletin.pdf          It reads in part:

Obama Family Updates

Compiled by:
Agwanda, J.O., ASDD

Comissioncd by:
Machage, T. I l . , SDD

File No., :
#9056/ 2009/ 05
NSIS Bu1letin #9056/2009/05 -

The ministry of national heritage this
month hosted a cultural festival in Kogelo

and commissioned a cultural museum on a
plot donated by a member of the Kogelo
community. The cultural festival  was
attended by minister for national heritage,
William ole Ntimama and US ambassador,
Michael Ranneberger.

This was to honour the birthplace of
President Barack Obama
and re-dedicate the
tomb of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., the
president's late father. But the project
had been delayed because of ownership
wrangles surrounding the plot.

As stated before, the Kenyan Eastern Standard on June 27, 2004, proclaimed then newly elected Senator of Illinois, Barack Obama, as being born in Kenya.

And on May 04, 2010, Obama's step-grandmother Sarah clearly states that she mid-wifed Ann Dunham-Obama and that Barack passed through her hands

The Kenyan embassy in Brussels, Belgium, issued what they considered as what made a child of a Kenyan national as one of their own and what was not:

We already know from the Annenburg Funded "Factcheck.org" that they stipulated that Barack Obama had a United Kingdom and Colonies (UKC) citizenship at birth, by virtue of his Kenyan (and at the time UKC) father.  On December 18, 2007, Chris Matthews of CNBC had absolutely NO PROBLEM with the narrative that someone who he thought was born in Indonesia to a foreign national father from Kenya and his minor wife (who was a year too young to confer U.S. Citizenship on the child when born abroad) ...Chris Matthews had no problem that an unConstitutional and Foreign National for the first 23 years of his life, should run for President of the United States, even though born in Indonesia  (he thought).

All this information and reporting is relevant to creating reasonable doubt as to any claim by faith Obama or his lawyers require that we blindly believe his new version of the birth narrative, that he was magically born in the United States, not based on birth records or eyewitness testimony of those present at his birth, but by a couple newspaper announcements that he was born somewhere in the world on August 4, 1961, to two parents who were alleged to be living together in Hawaii, when the investigative evidence shows they never lived there at the alleged newspaper birth announcement address, nor together as man and wife anywhere in 1961.

End of update]]]]]



From August 8, 2013:
Obama's Treason in Benghazi: Terrorizing C.I.A. Operatives With Chronic Lie Detector Tests To See Who Might Whistle-blow The Truth Of 9/11/2012 On Obama To Congress Or The Media

CIA Operatives in Ben Ghazi  on the night of 9/11/2012 and those in the U.S. with direct operations knowledge in some other capacity frequently are being terrorized with excessive polygraphs to demand their silence.  It is time to risk their careers and testify before Congress, name names of those intimidating and harassing them, and to tell the truth of what happened from their view and perspective from 9/11/2012 onward in respect to that Ben Ghazi incident and in relation to that cover-up by the Obama Administration.



In a  Greta Van Susteren exclusive 
in which clips of Glen Doherty talking, and being as he is remembered by his friends and family, reporter Jennifer Griffith states  that the Intelligence Community has had eyes on identified Ben Ghazi terrorists for at least the past few months, when the actuality and facts are that some of these terrorists have been open to capture and interviewed by the Media in public places since mid-October 2012.

      The obvious take-away is this,  that while  the Intelligence Community has indeed had eyes on identified Ben Ghazi terrorists, now at present for ONLY the past few months when it should have been since October 2012; clearly Obama has apparently ordered a verbal  ‘no touch, no grab” lock-down to protect Al Qaeda.    In effect, Obama has at "some point in time" in the past year, issued "no touch" verbal orders or instructions at the legal equivalency of Treason .  Instructions to the Military and U.S. Intelligence Community of hands off the Al Qaeda who attacked us at Ben Ghazi.  This likely occurring during  the frequent Security briefs Obama  will have certainly gotten at the White House on at least a weekly basis regarding them, unless he told his briefers to not bring up the subject again "or else".  In other words, the current order is to the effect from Obama that the Intelligence Community can only “look at” the terrorists and not capture or kill them, and Al Qaeda KNOWS this.    Here we go, Obama, to Al Qaeda, he is, aka. "the notorious President Chicken Sh*t",  who has got Al Qaeda laughing down to the soles of their boots on how he is bowing down and sucking up to them more and more every month.   It is quite clear who Obama supports…Al Qaeda, even those Al Qaeda who kill U.S. Citizens and even a U.S Ambassador, first and foremost Al Qaeda before a support of the U.S. Intelligence Community.   It is high time for the NSA to do a data dump on Obama’s identity and bio that is outside the sphere / outside the bubble and what is supposed to be fair game, that of pre-November 2008, and help create an Obama resignation from the office he usurped or push for his immediate impeachment with the mountains of NSA data on his treasonous activities and illegitimacy PRIOR to November 2008.  An Impeachment trial by the Senate led by the Chief Justice can probe and lay charges for treasonous activities after November 2008.

I morally support the Military that overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt because they oppose the Muslim Brotherhood and the Al Qaeda In Arabia who have openly joined them in bloody conflict against the People's Uprising against the MB terrorist government they, the people of Egypt with the backing of the Egyptian military,  abolished.   I morally support the Egyptian Military because it has pledged to rebuild the burned out and burned down Coptic places of worship in Egypt with military personnel at no expense to the Copts, as a show of acceptance of them, despite the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda terrorism against them.  


Catholic churches and convents

1. Franciscan church and school (road 23) - burned (Suez)
2. Monastery of the Holy Shepherd and hospital - burned (Suez)
3. Church of the Good Shepherd, Monastery of the Good Shepherd - burned in molotov attack (Asuit)
4. Coptic Catholic Church of St. George - burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
5. Church of the Jesuits - burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
6. Fatima Basilica - attacked - Heliopolis
7. Coptic Catholic Church of St. Mark - burned (Minya - Upper Egypt)
8. Franciscan convent (Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) - burned (Beni Suef, Upper Egypt)
9. Church of St. Teresa - burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
10. Franciscan Church and School - burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
11. Convent of St Joseph and school - burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
12. Coptic Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart - torched (Minya, Upper Egypt)
13 Convent of the Sisters of Saint Mary - attacked (Cairo)
14. School of the Holy Shepherd - attacked (Minya, Upper Egypt)

Orthodox and Evangelical Churches
1. Anglican Church of St. Saviour - burned (Suez)
2. Evangelical Church of St Michael - surrounded and sacked (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
3. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. George - Burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
4. Church of Al-Esla - burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
5. Adventist Church - burned, the pastor and his wife abducted (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
6. Church of the Apostles - burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
7. Church of the Holy renewal - burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
8. Diocesan Centre Coptic Orthodox Qusiya - burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
9. Church of St. George - burned (Arish, North Egypt)
10. Church of St. George in al-Wasta - burned (Beni Suef, Upper Egypt)
11. Church of the Virgin Mary - attacked (Maadi, Cairo)
12. Church of the Virgin Mary - attacked (Mostorod, Cairo)
13. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. George - attacked (Helwan, Cairo)
14. Church of ​​St. Mary of El Naziah - burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
15. Church of Santa Damiana - sacked and burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
16. Church of St. Theodore - burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
17. Evangelical Church of al-Zorby - Sacked and destroyed (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
18. Church of St. Joseph - burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
19. Franciscan School - burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
20. Coptic Orthodox Diocesan Center of St. Paul - burned (Gharbiya, Delta)
21. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Anthony - burned (Giza)
22. Coptic Church of St. George - burned (Atfeeh, Giza)
23. Church of the Virgin Mary and father Abraham - burned (Delga, Deir Mawas, Minya, Upper Egypt)
24. Church of St. Mina Abu Hilal Kebly - burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
25. Baptist Church in Beni Mazar - burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
26. Church of Amir Tawadros - burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
27. Evangelical Church - burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
28. Church of Anba Moussa al-Aswad- burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
29. Church of the Apostles - burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
30. Church of St Mary - arson attempt (Qena, Upper Egypt)
31. Coptic Church of St. George - burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
32. Church of Santa Damiana - Attacked and burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
33. Church of the Virgin Mary - burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
34. Church of St. Mark and community center - burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
35. Church of Anba Abram - destroyed and burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)

Christian institutions
1. House of Fr. Angelos (pastor of the church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abraham) - burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
2. Properties and shops of Christians - Burnt (Arish, North Egypt)
3. 17 Christian homes attacked and looted (Minya, Upper Egypt)
4. Christian homes - Attach (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
5. Offices of the Evangelical Foundation - burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
6. Stores, pharmacies, hotels owned by Christians - attacked and looted (Luxor, Upper Egypt)
7. Library of the Bible Society - burned (Cairo)
8. Bible Society - burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
9. Bible Society- burned (Asuit, North Egypt).

Why is the mainstream Corporate Media and members of Congress so often verbally supporting Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda as victims of military violence in uprisings the Brotherhood and Al Qaeda start in Egypt's street, mosques, and what have you?  They in the media and Congress are actually calling for a halt to the killing of the terrorists by the Military and Police there, fired upon from rooftops, out of Mosques, and what have you?  Give me a break!  The Media and members of Congress and the Obama Administration want YOU to join them in rooting for the terrorists. Really?  Yeah, really!

But how will they react WHEN the terrorists come here inside the United States, and let loose  -- as Obama is MAKING this scenario not just possible, but highly probable -- on malls, sports events, concerts or what have you?  Will they of the Corporate Mainstream Media - Congress - Obama Administration  still support the terrorists then and demand we submit?  

I speculate that the answer may be "yes", on the condition that such attacks fall short of their own relatives (i.e., that of the Media, Congress, high Obama Admin officials)  falling victim in such a series of attacks.  A series of attacks more and more imminent each time Obama arms them with weapons, protects them from assassination or annihilation, and makes the U.S. appear weak and bowing to them as if they are too feared to be anything but our allies.  This weakness projection might be a Liberal's delight in a college setting passing a Cheech & Chong sized joint around, but in the real world of violent gangs and thuggery, it will only embolden the terrorists of Al Qaeda and other Muslim sects the motivation to HAVE to attack us here on U.S. Soil in a massive way, the same they have unleashed upon Israel in the 1990's.  Example, New York subway and bus bombings, along with suicide bombers who spray a public with automatic weapons  fire first and then detonate themselves may be Obama's second illegal term legacy (yet to come). And in all likelihood, he will again shield the terrorists who attack us, and blame Conservatives and bible-believing Christians, while demanding we nationally submit to Islam, and become an Islamist nation for our own safety, and utilize the National Guard and Homeland Security to protect mosques and major Islamic Communities from retaliation of an rightly angered populace of all ethnicities and social classes.  If that scenario pans out, you read it here first.   

May GOD forbid it, and pluck up and remove Obama by his resignation or impeachment, and do so speedily.  Amen.  

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