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Saturday, July 20, 2013

House Oversight on the IRS Scandals - July 18, 2013. Two Highlights.

On July 18, 2013, The House Oversight Committee in effect revealed that the Washington D.C. Offices of the Internal Revenue Service, and specifically Lois Lerner, intentionally sabotaged the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) groups in order to prevent them from gaining the ability to organize and raise funds to challenge Obama and partisan Democrats in both the 2010 and 2012 election cycles.    The narrative of  the coverup that 2 Rogue Agents in Ohio were responsible, was directly orchestrated from Obama's Press Secretary, who had to get his talking points from Obama and his advisers, and that Obama narrative was a fabrication.  Representative Trey Gowdy just about blows a gasket over this at the July 18, 2013 hearing at one of several highlights of the July 18, 2013 hearing.


Representative Gowdy: 

Thank you Mr. Chairman, I have been fascinated by, in not necessarily in a good way, by the evolution of the defense, in this case.   Mr. Chairman, initially it started when Lois Lerner discloses information in a fashion most calculated to be ignored, with a planted question at some boring conference.  And the second iteration of this defense, was blaming two rogue agents in the Ohio field office.  And, and Mr. Chairman, make no mistake, Jay Carney   [Obama’s White House Press Secretary who spins Obama’s official claim to be the version of events ]   advanced and, and furthered that narrative, and he did so intentionally.   You know, Mr. Carney’s willingness to say ‘I don’t know’ is exceeded perhaps only by his willingness to acknowledge that he appreciates the question.   But he didn’t say ‘I don’t know!’ He advanced the narrative that two rogue agents were responsible for this insidious discriminatory practice. And then we had colleagues that said this matter was closed, months ago, Mr. Chairman, the matter was closed!

And then, the new iteration of the defense is, well, at least the White House isn’t directly involved, as if that is the new standard for propriety in this town.  That ‘at least the White House directly didn’t know about it!’ So that’s our defense.

And then the defense, Mr. Chairman, morphed into this, the most novel of all defenses, that the IRS is too poorly managed to be capable of concocting a scheme this sophisticated!  That was the defense, that my client is too dumb to have committed this crime!

And then, Mr. Chairman, we moved to the most recent defense, which is that, ‘no, we didn’t just improperly target conservative groups, we improperly targeted all groups. So, while we may be guilty of improper conduct, we’re not guilty of discrimination; because we did it against people at both ends of the political spectrum. So that’s our defense. 

And now, to see the inspector general attacked, and Mr. Chairman, there was an axiom in court that: if you had the facts, pound the facts; if you had the law, pound the law; if you didn’t have either one, pound the judge. And what’s been said about Mr. George

          [the Inspector General or “I.G.’]
        is reprehensible and I can’t wait until he has the 
        opportunity to  defend himself.

But let me tell you what else is reprehensible  Mr. Chairman, Lois Lerner sat where those two witnesses sit today, several weeks ago.  And these two witnesses put on a uniform and fought and defended this country and the Constitution so she could hide behind the Constitution, invoke her Fifth Amendment right, but only after she blamed them.  

 She blamed two rogue agents in Ohio, and then didn’t have the courage of these witnesses!   I ought to just be thankful anytime IRS agents don’t invoke the Fifth Amendment. I ought to be glad that anyone is willing to come before a committee in Congress and testify. But to have these two people’s reputation, or whoever she was talking about besmirched, by someone who doesn’t even have the courage to come do what they’re doing?

Mr. Hull, I appreciate your modesty, it is not something we see very often in this town.  But you have been in service to the IRS for exactly as long as I have been alive.  48 years.  So whether you want to be called an expert or not, you are one; by virtue of your training, and your expertise, and your education; and so are you, Miss Hofacre, you’re both experts.  And if we were in a court of law, the defense would stipulate that you’re experts.  They wouldn’t even challenge it.  So I’ve heard about the ‘complexities’, I’ve heard about the ‘novel’ issues, but, but Mr. Hull, there is nothing ‘novel’ about political activity.  This has been going around since before this country was founded.  So that part of the analysis: what was novel about that?  What’s ‘novel’ about determining political activity?   .…”

[The above segment begins at approximately 2:09:22 on the full video.]

The take away of this hearing on this date was that Lois Lerner was identified by a 48 year I.R.S. veteran as specifically taking control 
and then sitting on the applications as part of a partisan Bureaucratic Red Tape effort to thwart the rights of United States Citizens to have an opposing view to the (illegally ensconced) Obama Administration, (placed there through an illegal occupant of the Presidency).  


Typed Statements Submitted to the House Oversight Committee
 from the July 18 hearing regarding  three witnesses of importance below. 

Ms. Elizabeth Hofacre
Revenue Agent, Exempt Organizations, Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division

Internal Revenue Service

 Mr. Carter Hull (Recently Retired)
Tax Law Specialist, Exempt Organizations, Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division

 The Honorable J. Russell George
Inspector General

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

The second video and transcript highlight of note that should be well remembered, is that of a sympathetic interview with Elizabeth Hofacre, 

where Representative Chaffetz begins to unload:

...And really, I think when you have such senior powerful people in Washington, D.C. trying to discredit you and your person, your service, it’s just wrong. And I’m proud of the fact that we are pursuing this.

You know, if we did what the White House wanted us to do, if we did what the ranking member suggested we do, this thing would be over. 

Nothing here!  Don’t do it! As far as I’m concerned, it’s over. When you have the spokesperson for the President of the United States make a definitive statement that it was two rogue agents and start poking at these people, who have no power to do anything about it, that is wrong!

How dare anybody suggest that we’re at the end of this? This is the beginning of this. We have to make an example of it. We need to get to the bottom of it. And quite frankly, I’m tired of this Administration having to keep having these hearings. We’ve done it on Fast and Furious. We’re doing it on Ben Ghazi. We’re doing it on the IRS. We’re doing it — why? Each time there’s a pattern: 'nothing here'!   'Oh, it was just a couple of people.'  'Just move on.' "

        [Above segment -- where cited --  begins at 1:27:24 on the full video]   

Those who defend Obama are always saying, "Nothing here! Move on!  And it seems that in excess to 9 times out of 10, -- although it may be statistically much smaller in regard to smaller issues and worse at a rate of almost 10 for 10 on the larger ones --  when they say  "Nothing here!  Move on!"  that indeed there is definitive criminal activity going on, and there IS something there that should be apocalypsed - uncovered - exposed and revealed to America's citizenry!   

If we were to compare Obama et al and his idolatrous worshippers to a village of Roman times, it might be this way.  Obama and his Administration, is like a beautifully plated and adorned statue, where vile black molds grow wildly into the wood underneath, growing more and more toxic with a deadly poison that will eventually be unleashed and destroy all who worship the idol, and unleash a terrible plague (even up the innocent who do not so idolize the image).  The cure and salvation is to immediately, or as soon as possible, to cast the corruptible thing into the fire, and destroy it.  In our legal framework, that comes from a Constitutional voiding and nullification of laws and orders passed; as stated we can do in the landmark Marbury v. Madison decision at page 180, and various other guidance.   But it takes firm resolve and great moral character of the individual to do what is legal and right, resisting the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, so prevalently part of the corruption lifestyle of the modern United States Congress culture.   Unless we can somehow within the framework of the Law we now have, and legally and peacefully force into resignation - impeach - or otherwise somehow legally immobilize Obama, Obama and his Administration will continue to poison and destroy the Republic of the United States and our freedoms and rights we yet still have under this Republic.  But whatever we do, we must set a precedent for the good, so that history, if we should survive, might more speedily follow our right example, rather than for us to create an evil precedent and even more woes for our descendants in some future generation, should the first Rapture followed by the Tribulation, followed by the second Rapture, followed by the Great Tribulation and then the return of the LORD Jesus Christ tarry.  Any rate, that's my input. 


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