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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Look At Syria Including Potential Problems / Scenarios

Russia evacuates Tartus, also military, diplomatic personnel from Syria. High war alert in Israel
DEBKAfile Video June 26, 2013, 5:11 PM (IDT)

Shortly after the DEBKA aired a special video on the Syrian war’s widening circle, Moscow announced Wednesday June 26, that the evacuation which had begun Friday of all military and diplomatic personnel from Syria was now complete, including the Russian naval base at Tartus.
“Russia decided to withdraw its personnel because of the risks from the conflict in Syria, as well as the fear of an incident involving the Russian military that could have larger consequences,” said a defense ministry official in Moscow. He stressed that a 16-ship naval task force in the eastern Mediterranean remains on post and arms shipments, including anti-air weapons, would continue to the Syrian government in keeping with former contracts.


Syria, as it stands right now, has over 100,000 dead, 1.7 millions displaced Syrians living outside of  Syria
     because of the Al Qaeda invasion, and hundreds of thousands of Syrians blocked by the nations of Turkey,  Iraq, and Jordan from getting out at traditional road routes and crossings; and now Lebanon, host to 500,000 Syrians starving in refugee camps, is about to close its borders as well.  Meanwhile, the home government in Lebanon is also asking Hezbollah to return to Lebanon to shore up its political power in Beirut yet again.   

 At the Israeli border, Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are setting up, and one would not expect Israel to open its arms to even the benign and friendly Syrian Christians, let alone Alawites or Muslims, since Israel has already a phobia of having any of its citizens as Christians so intense, that they seem to fear Christianity because of its conversion rate of Jews to Yeshua / Jesus in the past decades, that if they allow it a real foot-hold in Israel, the majority of Israel might become Christianized Jews rather than the ultra-orthodoxy they have primarily known for the exile and diaspora from the 2nd to the 20th century.  

And if this weren't enough, as Russia deploys a 16 ship naval task force in the Mediterranean off of Syria, the Turks are considering buying an air defense system from, and allying with, China. 

Yes, you read it right, the Chinese may soon be looking for a foothold in the Mediterranean by way of Turkey, with a long range plan to perhaps even put a naval base of operations there in the next 10 to 20 years as well.   They have already corporately branched out into the Continents of Africa and South America using profits from their arms sales and other revenue sources.  If the Chinese are able to advance their financial and strategic objectives more swiftly than is known to us presently, a whole new dynamic to the Middle East may soon present itself in literally the next 2 - 3 years if the war in Syria continues as long, because they need to reverse engineer and integrate all current NATO weapons systems into its data base in order to operate.  In effect, the top secret air defense and offense systems of Turkey supplied by the U.S. and other allies can only be effectually adapted into a new Chinese Air Defense (which the Turks indicate they want to do) only when it is compromised by a Gung Ho approach that requires a base of operations by the Chinese of a minimum of 10,000 engineers and technicians and a support staff of perhaps 20,000 more in a base established by China on Turkish soil.   If the contract is authorized in 2013 to the Chinese, a Chinese base of operations could pragmatically be fully staffed and up and running somewhere on the Turkish Mediterranean coastline by the end of 2014.  If the Air Defense conversion is a success, then a Naval Conversion with a Chinese Naval Base in Turkey is possible within 5 years from a Turkish signing of an air defense system contract with the Chinese...but all this is contingent on that Turkish-Chinese contract being signed.   

Simply Because Russia IS Cautious, Does Not Mean It Is Backing Down

A just a few days more than a year ago from this posting, on or about June 27, 2012, Putin sent Obama a message that Russia fully intended to re-institute simulated nuclear attacks on the United States and pushed the envelope of nearly invading U.S. Airspace with its as 2 Tu-95MS bombers out of a group of 30 broke for a direct run at U.S. airspace but were turned away by U.S. F-15s joined by Canadian CF-18’s.  

And apparently much to Obama's disappointment, Putin will have none of Obama's mental illness or perversity in the outlet of Obama's personal homosexual flirtations which Obama tries to woo and win him over.  In fact, as Russia backs Syria, any incursion by the United States against Syria will force Putin, --  ex-KGB and Cold War elite Soviet trained to be "hard as nails" with a no nonsense demeanor and approach to how he handles things
 who had no qualms in order a military offensive against Georgia and others he viewed with disdain or as malcontents  --    into  a direct military conflict in which Continental Europe, dependent upon gas and oil from or because of Russia, against the United States.  Putin's 2008 invasion of Georgia

 was a preplanned event by 1-2 years.   In Syria, where the stakes are higher, as Russia has a concrete pact with Iran that includes pipelining and selling its oil to Western and Europe, much of it being dispensed directly to Germany, we can expect that even now Putin is diplomatically positioning Western Europe to side with Russia against the United States under the Jihadi Muslim in sheep's clothing, Barack Hussein Obama.  And Europe will eventually side with Russia, because if Russia shuts down its pipelines,

 it crashes mainland Europe into a severely rationed (something to the effect of) 30% - 40% of current) supplies of gas and petrol literally overnight. 

And in light of this unspoken fact, the Russians see Obama as "weak-eyed", and a nervous coward in Putin's presence;
we can literally expect a possibility of another world war being a reality  if Obama creates an invasion.  The question is, is Obama both willing and have enough pull within Congress and among the Joint Chiefs to capitulate America into subservience rather than for the United States to use its nukes in any way to defend itself if it comes to that, and to then achieve his goal of truly transforming the United States of America into a slave nation?  That is a legitimate serious concern that America should be having from the guy that authorized weapons smuggling to Al Qaeda in Syria 

and then lied about it with a seasoned professional huckster's convinction.

The General Change in the Middle East Big Picture Regarding Obama

Several years ago, in its premium content, DEBKAfile identified that Obama concluded secret negotiations with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on how King Abdullah wanted the United States through Obama to reshape the Middle East.  The free content section listed thus:   
Barack Obama concludes secret pact with Saudi King
DEBKA-Net-Weekly  February 18, 2009  2:12 P.M. (GMT +2:00)

DEBKA-Net-Weekly reveals the terms of the accord US president Barack Obama has secretly forged with Saudi King Abdullah and the ways in which they plan to work together in the Muslim world, the Persian Gulf and the Middle East.Moscow in contrast is deepening its ties with Tehran.

 And within two months, as April 2009 opened up, Obama deeply bows to King Abdullah as his personal Islamic religious leader and master, foregoing all diplomatic protocol for the Office of the Presidency of the United States which he had usurped by identity (and election) fraud several months earlier.

It appears that Obama has indeed followed his personal king's directives.  

  Obama used his Leftist and Black Operations forces in overthrowing an ally, Egypt, in January - February 20011, for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization: the same one that Obama ordered as the quota to be hired by the end of February 2009, a brigade of some 400 Islamic enemy agents against the United States ideologues Obama used to infiltrate the  Executive Branch of the Government of the United States as moles; the same organization which is a Islamic Terrorist Organization in itself, and the parent Organization to HAMAS, a more violent wing in the Gaza Strip constantly murdering innocents in Israel.  

  In March - April 2011, Obama ordered various Black Operations within the authority of the Executive Branch of the United States to invade Libya "en masse" on the heels of overthrowing Egypt, in a defacto  6 month war outside the powers of the office of the Presidency and a war he started and perpetuated for months involving the United States in.  It was a war not started or authorized by Congress, but by Obama without Congress.  It was planned and executed in an explicit manner openly contrary to the U.S. Constitution in a clearly IMPEACHABLE Offense, using more than 4,000 United States Black Operations forces under the Executive Branch authority, materially aiding and supporting terrorists of Al Qaeda against Ghaddafy, and then afterwards Obama  gave an overthrown Libya over to Al Qaeda affiliates.  Now, because he got away with it, he seeks to do the same in Syria in 2013, in a flubbed invasion that also began in 2011 and that (for whatever reason) he left floundering in the Central Intelligence Agency back-channels.  Perhaps, because he or his advisers were that worried about the 2012 election because they weren't fully sure they could steal it again?  Who knows.

   The Obama Administration continues it overt acts of Treason against the United States in giving material aid and comfort and training to those troops which were previously called Al Qaeda in Iraq and reconstituted under the name of Al Nusra(h) in Syria, as admitted to by the U.S. Department of State in its public memo dated December 12, 2012.  

According to the Los Angeles Times Internet Edition, the United States Military obviously under Obama's policy directive, has been training Al Qaeda troops in the use of heavy weaponry in 2 week courses at an apparent rate of almost 80 a month since at least late 2012.   The Obama Administration on June 13, 2013, pretended that only now and for the first time it was going to supply weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria ,

 when in fact, that very arms pipeline and supply was why Ambassador Stevens and 3 other U.S. Citizens died in Libya, two of them on what was deemed as U.S. Soil if it was a consulate in Ben Ghazi, which was why it was down-scaled in language to the language of simply being a "diplomatic mission" as the location in which Ambassador Stevens was attacked.  The only difference between September 11, 2012, arms smuggling and now, is, as of June 13, 2013, Obama decided that he has so much corruption support and "I can destroy anyone through the NSA" intimidation, that he feels comfortable in bringing his Treason out into the open and not be beaten up by a cowering press too used to divaricating themselves for his pleasure or committing journalistic fellatio, that Obama need not concern himself of being gummed by a toothless and corrupt Corporate Media.  The facts that Obama has supplied weaponry to Al Nusrah, or Al Qaeda in Iraq reconstituted and renamed for its operations in Syria, hasn't changed.  And even Intelligence services like Stratfor are intimidated by the NSA and IRS persecution powers at Obama's disposal should he specifically want someone targeted. When "We The People" have enough of us who join us in getting past that fear, suddenly, on this other side, where we fear GOD rather than men, the freedom and the empowerment of liberty is refreshing as well as aimed toward a peaceful and legal resolution that turns the fear back on the lawless (such as Obama and those others breaking the law with or for him) and empowers us collectively, just as even many of the Founders of the United States must have felt in the spirit of the opening words of the Declaration of Independence.

One news media Independent, Ben Swann, who left a localized Fox affiliate station, 

 has done a fine job in making a short 8 minute report in this next video.


 And in the reference of doing a one on one with Obama, Ben posted the following video on September 11, 2012, taped just hours ahead of Obama having already authorized Ambassador Stevens to ship arms to Al Qaeda in Syria by way of Turkey, and then broadcast on 09/11/2012 hours after Obama in the White House was turning his back on Ambassador Stevens and other Americans in Ben Ghazi, Libya, leaving them to die, with Obama probably using a justification of his immorality that it was simply just like a full birth infanticide abortion which Obama advocates as a basic human right to do, so he was doing to those in Ben Ghazi by exercising his freedom of "choice" to murder and expect to get away with it.  


What is the mission of U.S. Military remaining behind in Jordan in regard to Syria?

  In part they appear to conduct reconnaissance missions using drones from northern Jordan; they train or give logistical support to C.I.A. to train Al Qaeda in Russian Heavy Weapons (and apparently infantry tactics); and the rest is yet to come forward.   Some of the very Marines who were shot at by perhaps these same Al Qaeda scumbags across the border in Iraq a few years ago, they now train as friends?  Only a scumbag like Obama...enough said.   

But according to DEBKA in an article on June 28, 2013, Israel is about to slit its own throat as a proposed U.S. - Arab - Israeli joint invasion of southern Syria has been offered :

According to our sources, the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan are forming up to move in on a section of southern Syria to compensate for their inability to prevent Aleppo falling to Assad’s army. The idea is to let the Syrian ruler seize control of the North, while the US, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel push the Syrian army and Hizballah out of the South – a kind of volatile partition which it is hard to imagine Tehran accepting lying down.
This concept has two more major flaws:
1. The US and Israel are too slow and hesitant to achieve their goal before Assad steps in to put a stop to their plan.
2.  For it to succeed, the Druze population of southeastern Syria must be won over and cooperate. Through the nearly two and-a-half years of the Syrian civil conflict, Druze leaders have chosen to sit on the fence,using their neutrality to stay safe. They will continue to hold back until they are sure which side is the winner.

Option A:    This Obama diplomacy is de jure (by claim) actually is likely geared at creating a military conflict between the forces of the United States and Russia, of dissolving the NATO compact, of inciting the Moslem world into a war frenzy in which hundreds of millions of combatants will be involved in dozens of western countries creating a state of uncontrollable anarchy in which Islam and Sharia Law can advance upon or over the sovereign nations of the West in their Criminal and Civil Laws, and be one step away from converting by terror the nations of the West into Islamic States almost overnight.   

In effect, it is still the diplomacy Obama laid out in Cairo of himself being the jackass of Mohammed who will elevate the Mahdi of Shia Islam, who will come and lead all Moslems to bathe the world in fire and blood, and kill all those who oppose Islam, so that only the Muslims are left alive breathing.  

Obama is using his users, be they the Bilderburgers (which includes NSA head Keith (aka. "Friends") Alexander, who participated in 2008 and 2009, as well as Henry Kissinger and others), or the Fabians (which Glenn Beck so ably covered when he was working on the Fox News Channel)




which like to promote the "wear out the opponent" policy Obama is using to shove Islam down America's throat.  The Fabians, like fervent Islamists, are among those who  wish to remake the world in fire and anarchy; and some claim that this includes a documented spoken and written desire to cut the world population from near 7 billion down to 500,000,000 within a several years time-frame, using wars and released bio-weapons pestilences.     The idea appears to be promoted mostly by the super-rich, who desire to live in protected underground communities (many of which are already built and provisioned); as they set the world on fire and then cocoon protectively themselves.   The idea, according to one eyewitness that was a physician to these,  is to eliminate the "useless eaters".  Another theme advanced, appears to be what they deem would be a necessary removal of the bulk of the lower intelligence quotient (I.Q.) individuals of humanity in a form of eugenics purification of the planet, and of the higher I.Q. humanity that is left, that these will breed themselves into the super-humanity, a race of supermen and super-women of in which humanity enters into a true age of super-intellectual enlightenment, as it were.  Problem is, most elitists are dumb asses who prefer blow-jobs to breeding, and very rarely have large families themselves.  You have to be willing to have more than one kid before having your mate's tubes tied, and most elitists consider having large families beneath them as idiotic.  So on its face, these elitists are destructive idiots to pursue such an approach because with their plan, they will breed humanity out into extinction as thrusting morons rather than to perpetuate the population of humanity in a proper and healthy way. 

The whole concept of a Community Organizer, in Obama's terms, of which I was indirectly his first target while learning Community Organizing under Bill Ayers, was to incite a group of people to destructive hatred, and to point out a target, and to stand back as they destroy your target for you.  Unfortunately, the owners of the computer stores Obama set forth the black mobs in South Chicago as part of his training with Bill Ayers in or about early August of 1981, was directed at a family I was merely staying most of the summer with before moving on to another state.  They weren't relations, and only 3 weeks after the fact, when Bill Ayers went to confront Mr. R. did he even bother to find out the fact.  And it was for what?  Because I spoke up and challenged a couple faggots who came and set down next to my restaurant booth and who ruined my meal with their filth, first agreeing to have homosexual sex with one another, and then going off on a tear of how they were going to bring down and destroy the United States, having a verbal p*ssing contest to see who was the more devout Marxist-Leninist and anarchist against the Government and the people of the United States, especially those patriotic to it, which they despised innately.  Oh, excuse me.  No...don't excuse me.  The sin is upon Barack Hussein Obama II.  I exercised free speech and he and Ayers tried to economically destroy the free speech opposition by attacking what they thought was "source of income".   Keep that in mind, as that will be a fundamental of one of Obama's tactics, because that is exactly what he did with the I.R.S. against the TEA Party movement, and his method of operation requires that he at least verbally approved that sicking of the I.R.S. on the TEA Party movement at some point PRIOR to its occurrence, because of some TEA Party in the Cincinnati area that hit too close to home in exposing him somehow.    

Returning to Syria...then there is Plan B.

Plan B:

The plan of a joint U.S. - Arab - Israeli invasion into southern Syria is being proposed  as a possible counter to the increasing numbers of Iranian Revolutionary Guard and other troops streaming into Syria.    The idea deceitfully proposed (allegedly by the illegally placed Secretary of State John Kerry) is that the joint alliance of Jew haters of Al Qaeda who wish to kill all who oppose their will, can in a magical "poof" transformation enter into a military alliance jointly with Israel and fight alongside in co-existence with the Jews against their own, in order to overcome the Shiite brethren of Islam.  
   Oddly enough, in a strange twist, the fervent radicals of Iran are actually engaged in a Peace Mission in fighting off and stopping the Al Qaeda roving murder gangs who are killing everyone who is NOT a Sunni or an Al Qaeda renamed Al Nusrah  supporter.  If properly motivated, Iran has the potential of turning Syria into an extension of itself and then seizing northern Iraq to re-establish itself as New Persia, and incorporate Syria and about a third or more of Iraq within its borders in a Russian supported power-move that would put entire armies of Iran in Damascus and over-looking the border with Israel at the Golan heights.  That too, is a possible long term outcome of this conflict that could be a reality in a mere 2 to 5 years time. 

 Meanwhile, Obama has ordered that the U.S. train Al Qaeda in Syria in the use of Russian heavy arms, for when they capture such from Assad, so they can more effectively use them against Assad.  Never mind that some of the shoulder fired anti-air and anti-tank devices may one day soon be smuggled through Mexico and used against the United States within the United States, and be traced back to Syria, Obama won't accept the blame for that either...just as he refused to accept blame for the hundreds in Mexico dead by his Fast & Furious anti-Second Amendment Program which back-fired and was exposed, and killed 2 U.S. Law enforcement personnel.  Responsibility for his own actions is something Obama demands the celebrity status to refuse responsibility for as if it were somebody else within himself that signed off on it, which he cannot be held responsible for.  The "it wasn't me, even if it was me, it really wasn't" excuse.  In that respect, he and Hitler have the essentially same schizophrenic psychosis and megalomania-maniacal ego reserved for the criminally insane, which I personally believe Obama to be.  The donations of Russian heavy arms for training in Jordan came from its principals such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as well as other Arab countries.   Osama Bin Laden was Saudi Arabian who despite his terrorist attack upon the United States on September 11, 2001 and consequential "jihad" upon the United States, received a $50,000,000  a year annual income from the Saudi Royal family every year until his death.  That is, his assets and funding as an extended member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia were never cut off, nor his familial connections with the royal family, except in public relations and appearances for diplomacy.  

Obama is pleading and begging the terrorists of the Taliban we are warring with in Afghanistan to enter into a Peace Agreement with us.  As William Sullivan in the American Thinker put it in his June 24, 2013 article,

The Taliban is not interested in discussing a peaceful resolution, nor are they, the Muslim Brotherhood, or the rebels in Syria interested in conforming to Obama's empty demagoguery and bluster regarding human rights.  They are only interested in discussing the terms of our surrender.  Which, in a sense, is what Obama is interested in discussing, too, but the Taliban is not allowing him to save the slightest bit of face in doing so.  They've burned the olive branch and strapped on the suicide vest -- on the very day of the announcement to open the Taliban office in Qatar as a setting for these peace talks, the Taliban claimed credit for a rocket attack against Bagram air base which killed four Americans.
…But the Taliban's very survival will be a crushing defeat, not only for the prospect of human rights in the region, but in terms of suppressing global terror.  The Taliban, regardless of what it says to pacify Western leaders about distancing itself from this terror group or that one, will not have changed its political positions on Zionism, Western decadence, or the principles of jihad demanding that they take whatever steps are necessary to bring death to the infidel West. 
The Taliban will still be the Taliban.  And by our dealing with them, the terrorists of the Taliban will have been granted legitimacy on the world stage.  In no estimation can that be considered a victory.

But as part of Obama's fundamentally transforming the United States of America, "Barack Hussein" Obama, true to his name,  is turning the U.S. military policy of victory in war, to  "it's okay to capitulate and give in to Islamic terrorists...it's okay to surrender because we are morally superior when we submit to be crushed and destroyed by Islam" kind of policy.  

But Obama regularly supports the very terrorists he accuses of having peaceful aims as "freedom fighters", even when they are caught red-handed in acts of mass terrorism.  Case in point, Al Qaeda in Syria being in de facto possession of chemical weapons of mass destruction, Sarin Nerve Gas,
 which can kill tens of thousands when properly dispersed.  These Al Qaeda who Obama's (illegal via Obama) Administration defended as NOT possessing nerve agents, and then blaming the  Syrian Army, as we know, were caught red-handed in possessing an unforgivable quantity that should have been screamed by every media outlet in the United States, but was hushed over. 

But one good thing happened as a consequence of a failed Chemical Weapons attack by Al Nusrah upon Turkey by some of those same U.S. sponsored Al Qaeda troops in Iraq who possessed 4.4 pounds (2 kilograms) of Sarin Nerve Gas, 

 "Turkey finds Sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists – reports
Published time: May 30, 2013 16:56"
 as I also relayed in a post earlier this month

the Government of Turkey has finally come to its senses and shut down the Obama Administration's Arms and Material support for Al Qaeda terrorists corridor or "pipeline" (if you will), through the sovereign nation of Turkey into Syria.      Thank you, to the nation of Turkey for at least that much! 

Meanwhile, the situation in Syria, as of July 1, 2013, increasingly seems to become a quagmire which has the potential of igniting a conventional World War at its worst, or a regional genocide with unforeseen economic and political repercussions at its best.  

Warning: The ff. temporary movie addendum will have profanity, violence and some graphic scenes. 


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