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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ron Paul Campaign uses Neil Young song to call for Obama impeachment.

The video is missing a citing of the many violations to the US Constitution, and that Obama's only real defenders are bobble-headed zealots who could care less about the rule of Law, the US Constitution, and the fact that Obama was born a United Kingdom and Colonies Natural Born Citizen, who has yet to produce a US Birth Certificate in a court of law. 

I get that the Ron Paul 2012 video put out and is promoting the video. 

 I advocated for a Rand Paul for US Senate in 2010 and I think Rand should perhaps move to being the Republican Whip, and I also think Ron Paul would better serve this country if he were the Speaker of the House in place of the "might as well be pant wetting while being a cry-baby, and won't hold to the US Constitution if Obama rubs his back and invites him for a round of golf"  John Boehner.  

Regarding the US "money out the door felonious mismanagement" on the official overall mis-spending by Obama and the 111th and 112th Congress

360 page Office of Management and Budget

Personally, for 2012, at this time, I would like to see either a Bachmann / Palin 2012 or a Palin / Bachmann 2012 ticket.  


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