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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Alex Jones Nightly News, Friday October 17, 2014 - Ebola Watch

I have patiently watched and waited regarding the Obama Administration's policy and active participation of importing disease into this nation.  I contacted my Congressman and gave him the 31 felony counts regarding Obama besides what Obama could be charged with on the specific importing of Ebola. He is currently more or less cognizant it is election time, and has not responded to that particular query, even though millions can potentially die.

Elsewhere, I have submitted that I believe that Larry Klayman would be the guy whom Congress should appoint as a Special Prosecutor for Congress.  Even after passing the moderation process, in something like 3 hours, World Net Daily could not wait to bury the Editorial by Larry Klayman, or just delete my passed comments, but yanked the article and buried it.   Did the FCC or some Obama groupie administrator in the Federal Government bark at WND to bury the article?  Because I was the first to comment, I believe that was the case.  

In that first to comment opportunity, I wrote the following:

If Congress were to appoint Larry Klayman as special
prosecutor to investigate and file felony charges on Obama, how many felony counts would there be just in relation to Obama violating Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution, and IMPORTING contagious diseases, including Ebola, intentionally? Many.  I support the idea that WND should campaign Congress to get Attorney Klayman as Obama's IMPEACHMENT Special Prosecutor, now!

If Klayman were to be Congressionally appointed as a Special Prosecutor on just 3 prongs or spearheads of Criminal Indictments regarding 3 other categories of felonies besides Ebola and his conspiracies with the head of Homeland Security and others to import the epidemic diseases, a full 31 more felony charges resulting in many hundreds of years of convictions can be gotten on Obama.

http://jtf.org/forum/index.php/topic,77928.msg647253.html?PHPSESSID=v9td9p1su41msm2bn9m35uvdb6#new  )

These 31 other felony counts can be gotten right now on:

1) Obama’s identity documents surrounding his
manufactured birth documents, use of a stolen social security number
(assigned to someone else before him), his manufactured selective service card document, and his stolen passports right out of the Department of State (allegedly by John Brennan and/or John Brennan’s security firm that was assigned there at the time);

2) The material funding of terrorist organizations that the United States is at war with and in time of war, specifically Al Qaeda in Iraq renamed as Al Qaeda factions Al Nusrah and ISIS (now merged as of circa April 2014);

3) The first degree murders of United States Ambassador Chris Stevens and Intelligence Officer Sean Smith in Ben Ghazi, Libya.  By example, it could be argued that Obama in regard to Ambassador Chris Stevens, could be charged with murder; and by that same extension, charged with that of Intelligence Officer Sean Smith also because a U.S. Mission, by technicality, is U.S. Territorial Sovereignty in any foreign land, just as U.S. Embassies are also.

Meanwhile, the HD Video, which was originally 1.448 gigabytes to which Youtube reduced to a less than HD experience,  to which I offer what Alex Jones on air authorized as a one episode authorization to share, appears below.  Please consider a subscription to Alex Jones and also join in purchasing some of the many great Life Products at Infowars.com, and consider becoming a subscriber to Infowars Programs at Prison Planet TV.  Be the informed Legal and Peaceful Resistance against all forms of tyranny. 

Uploaded on Oct 18, 2014

At the end of this Nightly News Broadcast, Alex Jones authorizes the sharing of this and Infowars articles on Ebola "to get the word out." In effect, Obama (who is not even Constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States without a U.S. Citizen Father) is unleashing a plague upon the United States with fellow Democratic anti-American Eugenicists and Freemasons who in their insanity believe that a high casualty rate will somehow not affect them or their loved ones, or just do not care as long as they kill off as many as 70% of Americans, whose wealth and possessions they can thereafter possess, not realizing they will mostly rot and deteriorate into toxic areas rather than ever be salvaged in any 5 or 10 or even 25 year period. If Ebola is mass transmitted, what is Congress and those who protect them, or those at the White House going to do when the very likely scenario of where Ebola victims give them flying kisses and bear hugs to share that what has been given them? Will Congress (et cetera) move to Brussels, and rule in isolation from Europe or go to the great caverns in Arkansas built to house the Government in case of a pandemic or Nuclear War and attempt to rule from there? What idiocy has possessed a Federal Government to keep a clearly Treasonous Enemy of the State in power and not impeach and try him dozens of felonies and his intent to literally war against and kill off the citizens of the United States under his policies and programs of infection specifically violating Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution while committing Article 3 Section 3 Treason? One has to wonder.

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